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Policies and Procedures

  Xochiquetzal-Tiqun Alaska Folkloric Dance Academy is committed to create a pleasant environment where children can safely come, enjoy learning, and have a positive experience. Please take a few minutes to read our policies and procedures so you can help us maintain an organized, safe, and friendly environment. 

  • Please drop students on time. 
  • Please donít drop them ahead of time or pick them up late. 
  • At pick up time students must wait inside the church for their parents or their designated driver Ėregardless of age.

  • Please drop off your children and come back to pick them up. We donít  have a place for parents and siblings to wait and we are trying  to minimize the use of the churchís facilities. 

  • Please, if you like to look through the window please limit yourself to a few minutes. Some of are shy and prefer not to be observed when practicing.

  • A release and waiver form must be read and signed by the parent or legal guardian of any child attending classes.

We donít have staff to take care of children who are not taking classes and the adjacent rooms belong to a school. Except on special occasions those rooms are not available to parents and their families.  

Please explain to your children that they MUST BE polite and kind to their classmates, instructors, and other adults. Our code of conduct is modeled after a code upheld in public schools:

  • Be kind, courteous, and thoughtful

  • Follow directions given by adults

  • Walk in orderly manner, please donít run in the facilities

  • Donít yell and scream in the facilities

  • No name calling, teasing down, bullying, or insulting

  • No offensive or rude gestures

  • Play and physical interaction that may result in injury are not tolerated

Xochiquetzal-Tiqun reserves the right to refuse service to anyone whether is a parent or a child that acts in an abusive manner.

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